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The Premium edition allows you to customize the interface with your own colors and your own main background image (or solid background color). Premium Edition contain extra features like PDF links or hotspots support, PDF download button and an option to create a table of contents. It also include free e-mail support at Premium edition also come with an option for Right to Left flipping for Arabic and Hebrew languages.
After the transaction you will be redirected to the PDF Flip Book download page. You would be able to download an archive that contain the PDF Flip files along with a documentation. You can also ask anytime for a new download link at
You can host your PDF Flip Book publications on your own web server(s). The PDF Flip Book publications can be added to your website as individual pages or as a part of an existing website page. This gives you the maximum flexibility in updating the publication location or change the PDF input/location.
Both PDF Flip versions have Unlimited Time Period License. This means that you only have to purchase one license and you can use it for unlimited time period. There is no periodic fee. You can also use it for unlimited PDF conversions for you or for your clients.
You can create unlimited flipbooks publications for you or your clients with a single license. Also there is no limitation with the pages numbers.

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